Toorji Ka Jhalra (Toorji's Step Well)

Toorji Ka Jhalra
Seek a History of Toorji ka Jhalra

Toorji ka Jhalra was built in the 1740s by Maharaja Abhay Singh's queen consort which was in keeping with the age old tradition of ladies of the royal family building Public water works. The Jhalra was primarily used by women, as fetching and storing water was one of their principal household chores.The Jhalra is embellished with intricate carving of dancing elephants, Medieval Lion and cow shaped water sprouts.

The Step well tucked in the old city is difficult to approach and one must not attempt in a car, an auto would be better as there is no parking space. The narrow approach lane has to be covered on foot. The well is imposing and unique. A must see. No tickets required. One can spend some time in the many cafes dotting the boundary.

Toorji ka jhalra is Located by many Hotels and Resaturent including the Luxury Hotel Hotel Raas.