Mehrangarh Fort

Seek History of Mehrangarh in Rajasthan - Jodhpur

Looking for a tourist destination to explore the historical forts in India? If so, the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, which is earnestly renowned as the ‘Land of Forts and Palaces’, is just for you. This state owns a great number of forts. Mehrangarh is the main one of them.

Situated in Jodhpur in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, Mehrangarh (Mehran Fort), which was constructed in approx 1460 A.D., is counted among the largest forts in India. Perched on the height of 410 ft (125 m) above the city of Jodhpur, this huge fort, which is enclosed by imposing thick walls, is a must visit during the tour of Jodhpur. This immense fort features seven gates. The main ones of the gates of this fort are the Jayapol (meaning ‘victory’), and Fattehpol (also meaning ‘victory’). Still bearing the scars of bombardment by cannonballs, the Dedh Kamgra Pol is also a famous gate to make entry to the fort. The final gate into the main part of the fort complex is Loha Pol.

Within the Mehrangarh fort, you would find a museum. This museum is counted among the most well stocked museums in the entire state of Rajasthan.

Galleries in Mehrangarh Museum


The galleries in the Mehrangarh Museum consist of Elephant’s howdahs, Daulat Khana — Treasures, Palanquins, the Armoury, the Turban Gallery, and Paintings.

Tourist Attractions in Mehrangarh

The tourist attractions in Mehrangarh include a number of tourist attractions, namely the National Geological Monument, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Chamunda Devi Temple, and the Nagnecha Mataji Temple.


P.B No 165, The Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342001

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Best Time to Visit


The best time to visit this historical fort is the season of winter.

Things To Do / See

1. There Are Two Temples located at the premises of the for known as the Chamunda mata Temple and The Nagnechi temple, Which Have Fascinationg Tales behind their Idols.

2. The Palaces of the fort are called Sheesh Mahal (The Mirror Hall), Moti mahal (Glass-painted Windows of Pearl Colours Where The Maharaja's held their Courtroom) Phool Mahal (The Extravagant hall of leisure activities of The Royal family), and Zenana Deodi(women's Quaters Made of Sandstone)

3. Performance of the people wearing Rajasthani Costumes are usually going on at the palace known as the kalbelia Dance

4. The museum in the Mehrangarh fort is one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. In one section of the fort museum, there is a selection of old royal palanquins, including the elaborate domed gilt Mahadol palanquin which was won in a battle from the Governor of Gujarat in 1730. The museum exhibits the heritage of the Rathores in arms, costumes, paintings and decorated period.

5. Dont miss chance to see eagles eating meat
Every afternoon by 3:30pm one person come there and feed eagles and around 200 to 1000 eagles fly just above ur head.